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Regulatory Summit -Taking Stock

Regulatory Summit -Taking Stock

Thursday 6th June 2019
Simmons & Simmons, CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9SS

Why you should attend
The pace of regulatory change shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, somebody seems to have pushed down too hard on the Fast Forward button and jammed it in at x16. This Regulatory Summit aims to press the Freeze Frame button for an afternoon, allowing us to take a proper look at the issues that should be demanding more of our attention than others in H2 2019; the issues that might be too easy to overlook amongst the scrambled blur. If you like, this is an afternoon where, in the safety and support of likeminded and equally stressed peers, we gauge the regulatory zeitgeist

Our key topics will be:

Just how should those of who try to keep our organisations under control cope with the frantic pace of change? We will discuss the challenges of Managing and Implementing Change in a Regulated Market.

Life After the EU. Whatever is finally agreed, the UKs position within or alongside or outside the EUs regulatory framework is going to change fundamentally. This speech sets the scene for the key areas within financial services that will be affected and what those changes may be.

Penny Miller, Partner, Simmons & Simmons 'The Legal Viewpoint'

Speaker to be confirmed - Financial Crime is going to remain at the top of the regulators agenda for 2019 and beyond. The UKs seemingly new reputation as the Worlds Dirty Money Laundromat (or other journalistic phrases) seems to have jolted the politicians out of what might have been complacency? Certainly, we are seeing a raft of new proposals for heightened regulatory activity, and even new regulatory structures to address this harm.

Hannah Meakin, Partner, CASS Lead, Norton Rose Fulbright and Katharine Harle, Senior Associate, Dentons - Update on CASS in SM&CR possibly the biggest change to solo-regulated firms since FSMA! With only months to go to implementation, many firms are still in early stages of their preparations and havent yet engaged with key stakeholders or provided training to their Senior Managers and Certified Persons. This speech highlights the key areas firms should be looking to communicate to get ready for SM&CR.

Clive Everett, Director, Risk Management (Information Security and Technology Risk), DST - CyberCrime is now one of the biggest risks facing any organisation; it is nothing less than an existential risk. The risk of a data security breach is growing all the time as the CyberCriminals become ever more sophisticated, and regulators around the world are warning firms that it is not a matter of If your firm will be targeted, it is a matter of When. TISAs CyberSecurity Technical Committee has been working hard to develop what is probably the worlds first comprehensive, plain English Guide to CyberSecurity Best Practice. Our expert speaker Clive Everett of DST Financial Services presents the Guide and explains how you can use it to thoroughly check your own firms defences.

Andy Gordon, TISAs Regulation Executive, will tackle the thorny and complicated issues of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion. These are challenges facing all employers, but they have curiously become highly topical regulatory challenges that are being taken very seriously by the FCA and the PRA. Andy will explain why the regulators and indeed investors are taking so much interest in these challenges, and he will explain the main ways in which you can help your organisations meet the regulators increasingly loud and insistent demands.

Senior Representative, Bank of England - to be confirmed - The notion of Sustainable Finance has rapidly risen up the regulatory agenda to become a very hot topic indeed: In addition to traditional financial measures the investment industry is being challenged to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. How can or should the industry respond to these challenges?

The afternoon will be chaired by Jeffrey Mushens. TISAs Technical Policy Director.

Registration at 12:30 with a buffet lunch, to commence at 13:00 and to conclude at 16:30

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