TISA - Tax Incentivised Savings Association - Project

FinTech Forum

FinTech Forum

TISA has identified that, in addition to a number of major government and regional business initiatives, FinTech firms need extra support to address the regulatory and legal challenges of building a digital financial services business and wish to collaborate in the exciting digital projects that TISA is leading.

TISA is establishing a Forum to work in collaboration with FinTech envoys and government initiatives to help meet this additional need and provide further support. TISAs FinTech Forum will initially consist of four regional hubs concentrated on key FinTech development clusters.

In partnership with the SFE, Scotlands FinTech CEO and FinTech Envoys, the TISA FinTech Forum was successfully launched in Scotland with initial events already held and more in the planning. Launches of the TISA FinTech Forum have also been completed across Northern England (Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester) with the support of the FinTech Envoy for England.

Further launches are being planned the first in SW England with the support of the newly announced FinTech Envoy for the SW. Following the launches the FinTech companies are being surveyed to determine the priority for planned events at each of the FinTech hubs (Scotland, Northern England and SW England).