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Pensions Dashboard Consultation: Consumer control and guidance key

Responding to the DWPs Pensions Dashboard consultation and feasibility study, TISA Director General David Dalton-Brown said:


The industry is highly capable of delivering the Pensions Dashboard and this consultation gives us the opportunity to ensure it will be a meaningful tool for the consumer. We would like to see a focus on open standards, full participation from providers and giving the consumer control of how they request and use their data. It will also be crucial to align the Dashboard with access to financial guidance if we are to help the consumer to understand the data and make informed decisions. Creating a Digital ID service will also enable the consumer to verify their identity and easily access the dashboard and other financial services. We believe this is the best way to turn the Pensions Dashboard from concept into reality.



Notes for editors:

1.       TISA established the asset re-registration industry utility TeX based on the independent governance of open standards. As highlighted by the recent collaboration between TeX and Criterion to provide the STAR facility for the Transfers & Re-registrations Industry Group, this offers a workable model for a Pensions Dashboard solution.

2.       TISAs project to deliver a Digital ID for UK financial services consumers is currently in the pilot testing phase with consumer testing planned for January 2019.

3.       TISA is a long-time campaigner for greater consumer access to financial guidance. We are actively engaged in developing a closer relationship between the industry and new Single Financial Guidance Body to enable the greater provision of meaningful financial guidance.


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