TISA - Tax Incentivised Savings Association - Trainers

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David Beaston
Since joining TISA (PIMA as was) in April 2004, Dave has run various training courses and now presents the majority of the training currently offered by TISA. This training is still predominantly focused on ISA administration and includes general courses on ISA administration and more specific ISA workshops including those on ISA Qualifying Investments, ISA Transfers and ISA Repairs/Voids. He has also run courses on the FSA Regulatory Environment and an Introduction to Securities & Investments for delegates sitting modules for Securities & Investment Institute exams. In addition to this training, Dave also works as part of the TISA technical team, responding to technical questions and liaising with HM Revenue & Customs on all kinds of tax incentivised schemes.

Prior to joining TISA, Dave worked for several years in a compliance role for a large insurer and prior to that spent several years in a regulated sales role as a financial adviser. He now has approximately fifteen years experience in the financial services industry. Dave is also a qualified teacher and has a BA in Business Management from the University of Sunderland.
Claire Cornell Johnson
Claire has many years experience within the financial services market, having worked previously in stockbroking (back office operations and ISA administration) and banking / mortgage lending (Treating Customers Fairly).