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MiFID II for Project Managers, Risk & Compliance

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MiFID II for Project Managers, Risk & Compliance

The new Regulation and Directive (MIFID II) goes live on the 3rd January 2018. Are you ready to guide your firm through implementation?

The first Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) was a game-changer. But market developments and advances in technology have transformed the industry since then. The amount of change required by firms puts this piece of legislation high on the planning agenda.

Understanding and interpreting MiFID II is complex, and very time consuming. These fundamental changes will affect many areas of your business.

This workshop covers all the information needed to get firms prepared for the new directive:

•Understand the rationale behind MiFID and MiFID II
•Identify the key challenges and opportunities of the legislation
•Take a practical approach to guiding you through the new regulation
•Get to grips with the timeline and legislative process
•Identify how key changes will affect market structure, transparency and reporting
•Understand enforcement issues and implementation problems

The evolution of MiFID:
•The background to MiFID II, differences in the new directive, lessons learnt from FCA enforcement of MiFID I, MiFID II and MiFIR timelines for implementation, understanding the regulatory landscape (including the European Commission, ESMA and the Competent Authorities)

The latest changes in regulation:
•Market structure and the introduction of Organised Trading Facilities, transparency (particularly non-equity trading and structured products), organisational requirements and the powers of the European Supervisory Authorities, conduct of business rules (inducements, best execution and gold plating), provisions for high-frequency trading, reporting for trade, transaction and commodities

How to manage regulatory change:
•The importance of governance and oversight during regulatory change, understanding the priorities of ESMA and the FCA, expectations of senior management and the firm, approaches to policy formation and advocacy

Minimising disruption and anticipating challenges:
•Adopting an outcomes-based approach to regulation, managing risk: knowledge, awareness and training, addressing key challenges and managing a number of new rules, how to manage concerns before the directive is finalised

This session will be delivered by Alethea Nugent. Alethea has over 15 years of experience working within the financial services industry as a Compliance Officer. A specialist in providing technical advice, gap analysis and training for the implementation of new and amended UK and European regulation, she has helped firms to understand and apply the complex requirements of both the AIFMD and MiFID II. Alethea is particularly talented at making complex regulatory requirements simple to understand and applicable to all levels of an organisation, from the person whose day to day role will be affected, to Compliance Teams and Senior Management who monitor and oversee the changes.

This session will run from 9.30am - 5.00pm (lunch will be provided).

Members: £410
Non-members: £810
(VAT exempt)
This session qualifies for 6 CPD hours