TISA KPMG Savings Index

The TISA KPMG Savings Index will provide a comprehensive measure of the stock of all wealth and savings for a typical GB household by asset type based on home ownership, age, household income and location across:

• Pensions;
• Net property wealth;
• All other savings (Cash, ISAs, etc);
• Less all debt.

This is based on publicly available data such as ONS, WAS and indices, with significant adjustments to include up-to-date savings inflows and movements in asset prices – each release is never more than 5 months out of date. It is available through a 1 or 3 year licence to firms, who could use this to assist with product design and distribution, marketing and help meet regulatory requirements such as MiFID II.

Please contact renny.biggins@tisa.uk.com for further details.