About this online workshop

Duration: 3 hours
Timezone: BST
Timings: 12.30-15.30

This online workshop has been designed to provide delegates with a detailed overview of the ISA applications process.

It is important that ISA managers and their employees are fully aware of the need to obtain valid ISA applications and subscriptions before ISAs can be opened. In the new technological age, ISA managers are increasingly enabling ISA applications to be opened via electronic means in addition to, or as a substitute for, traditional written ISA applications. The content of the workshop would be suitable for those who are quite new to ISAs, those who want a refresher on the key regulations/guidance that relate to ISA applications and especially to those who are actively involved in ISA applications as part of their normal day to day roles.

Attending this online workshop will also provide an ideal opportunity for delegates to ask questions of an experienced industry trainer, discuss issues relating to all aspects of ISA administration and relate them to their own workplace. It will also provide them with an opportunity to gain an insight into the processes and procedures used by other ISA managers.