Duration: 3 hours | Timings: 13.00-16.00

This is perhaps one of the most widely misinterpreted areas of ISA Administration and generates a wide spread of questions. Over recent years there have been numerous changes to the ISA regulations, the ISA Guidance Notes and additional industry guidelines, including the option for stocks & shares ISAs to be transferred to cash ISAs.

This three hour online workshop will look in detail at the key regulatory issues that managers must adhere to in addition to the key areas of the ISA Guidance Notes and industry guidelines that managers should be aware of.

The session will cover all ISA transfer options for both cash ISAs and stocks & shares ISAs including the numerous transfer forms which continue to cause confusion within the industry. It will also cover the option for a surviving spouse/civil partner of a deceased ISA client to transfer their Additional Permitted Subscription (APS) Allowance to a new ISA manager which came into force on 6 April 2015. Attendees will be able to benefit from TISA’s knowledge on this topic, built up over many years with the help of HMRC, who are responsible for managing the ISA scheme. Attendees will also be able to benefit from an insight as to how other ISA managers process their ISA transfers.