Duration: 2 hours  45 minutes
Timings: 09.00-11.45 (BST)

About this online briefing

Back in 2005 the government of the time launched the Child Trust Fund for all children in receipt of child tax credit born from September 2002. Today, as we approach the first of those children reach 18, the country has a unique opportunity to encourage that generation of children to become a nation of savers. With the right financial education and a receptive industry to their financial needs, we can ensure the children over the next 9 years can get a start in life that previous generations of children haven’t benefited from.

This online briefing event will provide you with an insight into the challenges facing the industry in connecting with these children, from both a communication level and tracing the 1.7m lost account holders. It will also offer some solutions from the experts and feedback from the very people we are trying to reach out to.