Timings: This session will run from 12.30 – 15.30.

What It Means To Supervise Certified People

Join us for this interactive course. The three hour online workshop will provide you with ideas for ensuring competent and effective supervision in a Certificated Regime.

Supervision in financial services regulated entities is no longer exclusive to the financial and mortgage advice sector. By December 2019, the majority of all firms will have certificated staff. And with certification comes responsibility and accountability. Many of your staff whose role it will be to supervise and assess certificated individuals will never have supervised before in the way the regulator expects them to.

Now is the time to ensure that your supervisors of staff really understand what is and will be required of them. Firms will be delegating day to day management of people to team leaders, heads of desk, departmental heads but the FCA will be looking at organisational charts and
responsibility maps to understand who is carrying the can for ensuring staff behaviours are aligned to their expectations.

Would you want to be accountable for the competence of Certificated Individuals if your supervisory staff had not been trained to carry out their role in the way that will satisfy the regulatory requirements?

Whilst supervising others is always a challenge when you are trying to manage your own role and support a team, understanding your responsibilities and the regulatory requirements of being a supervisor, will help to embed the fundamentals into your day to day working.

We know from experience that too often supervision and competence assessment are viewed as a “tick box exercise” using tools such as annual appraisals or file reviews to establish competency but this isn’t sufficient to the regulator or supportive of the long term future of a