Duration: 3.5 hours
Timings: 9.30-13.00 (a break will be provided)

The Senior Managers regime and FCA’s increasing focus on individuals has raised the personal stakes for senior managers as well as the advisers (internal and external) on whom they rely to fulfil their responsibilities. The FCA is certainly using its enforcement powers more aggressively (even if these do not always lead to discipline) and the conduct of individual accountable senior managers is at the heart of the effort to improve conduct in financial services.

This course aims to help senior managers and their advisers to understand what is expected of them, the key role advisers to senior managers need to play in ensuring that “all reasonable steps” are taken to prevent breaches more broadly and to implement the SMCR effectively.

Course overview

  • Understand the obligations of the regulatory requirements under the SMCR
  • Understand the responsibilities of a senior manager vis-à-vis both the SMCR and broader commercial duties
  • Managing the process of delegating implementation of key obligations
  • Showing how the senior manager has taken “all reasonable steps”
  • The importance of demonstrating ongoing engagement with the FCA’s evolving Guidance
  • Identify how your internal and external advisers can best support senior managers in implementing a good governance/SMCR framework
  • Questions senior managers should ask of their advisers and delegates