TISA - Tax Incentivised Savings Association - Council

Retirement Policy Council

Retirement Policy Council

Saving for retirement is essential for everyone and the UK’s failure to plan effectively for retirement is a huge concern. Whilst the Government’s policies to promote pensions are welcome, incentives to save for retirement remain poor and inflexible, whilst the uncertainty in respect of the end value outcome provides little incentive. As such, policy developments relevant to pensions and long-term savings form the Retirement Council’s primary focus.

Specific areas of focus for the forthcoming year:
• Design/implementation of flat rate BSP
• Decumulation – reform? Consumer outcomes?
• Auto-enrolment

Policy Lines:

1. The State Pension Age should be rapidly increased to at least 70 years.
2. A Flat Rate State Pension should be introduced to ensure that it pays to save and that there is clarity for consumers about the amount they will receive from the State in retirement.
3. The current pension architecture is part of the problem and that a new framework should be sought.

TISA Lead: Carol Knight

Secretariat: Alison Kennedy

Chair: Nigel Banfield (Banfield Business Solutions)

Deputy Chair: David Jeal (Interactive Investor)

Ellice Reason (AXA Wealth)
Martin Morgan  (BNYMellon)
Helen Scriminger (Calastone)
Liz Stephens  (Capita)
John Stroud (Cazenove Capital Management)
Hillary Tyler/Roland O'Leary  (Cofunds)
Nicola Brown  (Danske Bank (Northern Bank))
Frank Potaczek (Defaqto)
Henry Cobbe (Elston Consulting)
Mark Redman (F&C Management)
Simon Hartshorn/Miles Bingham (Family Investments)
Joanna Little  (HBOS)
Kara Howlett/Richard Berry (HSBC)
Danny Cox/Tom McPhail  (Hargreaves Lansdown)
Clive Shelton  (IFDS)
Annie Lee (Lloyds Banking Group) 
Carole Mott (M&G)
Andrew Baddeley-Chappel/Matthew Cook (Nationwide)
Steve Cady (Old Mutual Wealth)
Richard Speight (Redmayne Bentley)
Karen Gillie  (RBS)
Fiona Conway  (Santander)
Jim Galbraith  (Scottish Friendly)
Ellen Bruno  (TD Direct Investing)
Gavin Oldham  (The Share Centre)