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FAMR Response Feb16
Saving Our Financial Future
Primary Purpose:
To increase personal savings and investments
To work with all relevant stakeholders to review, develop and implement effective policies, regulations, products, advice and services; thereby encouraging individuals to have the appropriate savings and investments to support them, and their families, throughout their lives.
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TISA is the premier industry funded body working with the retail financial services industry, political parties, HM Treasury (HMT), HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to enhance and improve the range, features, benefits, promotion and quality of savings and investment schemes available to all UK citizens.

Within this site, we provide a wealth of information on savings and investment including general information on why and how to save, specific technical information on the different schemes, details about the different events and training courses we run for financial services firms and much more. Much of the information is available to everyone. Whilst some technical information is available only to member firms, we provide a consolidation of the ISA Regulations which is publicly available here.

Please explore the site. If you would like further information on the Association please use the link above. If you would like to contact us or would like information on becoming a member, please click here and provide us with information with regards to the nature of your company, the location and number of employees etc.  To download a membership application form please see here.

For details of how to access the two secure ISA transfer databases please contact us.

TISAtalk, TISA's regular commentary on issues affecting the financial services industry can be accessed here.