About TISA

The Investing and Saving Alliance’s (TISA) ambition is to improve the financial wellbeing of UK consumers by bringing the financial services savings industry together to promote collective engagement, to deliver solutions and to champion innovation for the benefit of people, our industry and the nation.

We do this by focusing on good consumer outcomes and harnessing the power of our broad industry membership base to deliver practical solutions, new digital infrastructure and by devising innovative, evidence-based strategic proposals for government, policy makers and regulators. This holistic approach to address the major consumer issues uniquely positions TISA to deliver independent insight, promote innovation and facilitate good practice.

TISA’s rapidly growing membership is representative of all sectors of the financial services industry. We have over 200-member firms involved in the supply and distribution of savings, investment products and associated services, including the UK’s major investment managers, retail banks, online platforms, insurance companies, pension providers, distributors, building societies, wealth managers, third party administrators, Fintech businesses, financial consultants, financial advisers, industry infrastructure providers and stockbrokers.

TISA unveiled Vision 2025 – our strategic policy roadmap towards delivering a material impact in enhancing consumers’ financial wellbeing at our Annual Conference in December 2019.  Our current strategic policy focus includes making financial guidance more widely available; financial education for young people; retirement savings and addressing consumer engagement, particularly for the vulnerable.

Complementing our development of consumer policy and thought leadership, TISA has become a major industry delivery organisation for consumer focused, digital industry infrastructure initiatives (TeX/STAR, Digital ID, MiFID II and Open Savings, Investment & Pensions). This reflects TISA’s commitment to open standards and independent governance.

TISA is also recognised for the support it provides to members on a range of operational and technical issues targeted at improving infrastructure and processes, establishing standards of good practice and the interpretation and implementation of new rules and regulations. This work currently includes MiFID II, CASS, SM&CR and addressing cybercrime. 

Mission Statement

TISA is a unique industry-wide membership organisation. Our mission is to bring the UK financial services savings industry together to promote collective engagement, to deliver solutions and to champion innovation for the benefit of citizens, our industry and the nation.

Policy Focus

We originate thought leadership across the whole spectrum of savings and investments, with the objective of developing and delivering evidence based and authoritative policies, embracing the latest digital solutions that improve people’s financial resilience, facilitate good practice in the industry and provide economic and social benefits to the UK.

People Focus

We promote financial fairness for all UK citizens by engaging the industry, regulators, and Government to develop policies, regulations, guidance and services that work for the benefit of the individual and a well-functioning financial services market.

Membership Focus

We provide our members with a collective voice, drawing upon their strategic insight, practical experience and technical knowledge, to provide industry-wide thought leadership, and engagement with Government regulators, on consumer focused policies and solutions which help to drive and shape legislation.

Technology Focus

We champion the development of technological innovation to make saving easier and safer for people, allow companies to operate more efficiently and support the Government’s digital programme.

Operational Focus

We support our members on clearly defined operational and technical issues targeted at improvements to infrastructure and processes, standards of good practice and the interpretation and implementation of new rules and regulations, with the purpose of improving industry effectiveness by reducing cost and risk and enhancing customer outcomes.


TISA is a unique, rapidly growing body with over 200 members from across the financial services industry.

Join us in developing and delivering strategic policy outcomes and cross-industry infrastructure initiatives that shape the ongoing evolution of the financial services industry, creating a dynamic financial services marketplace that enables the financial wellbeing of UK citizens.


TISA is a trusted partner of key industry stakeholders (government, regulators, industry infrastructure providers) in helping shape the future of the UK financial services and the environment in which we operate.


The outputs from our strategic policy work are used to engage with government and the regulator to influence the design of legislation and regulation that will benefit consumers through enhancing the products and services that members firms can provide for their customers.


TISA member can participate in and help shape the industry-wide infrastructure initiatives that will transform the gurure of financial services, such as Digital ID and Open Savings, Investment & Pensions.


TISA members have access to a wide range of support services and resources to help their businesses adopt new regulation , increase operational efficiency and develop products and services in the raptidly evolving, consumer centric marketplace.

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