Our mission is to improve the financial wellbeing of UK consumers by working collectively with the financial services industry

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Coronavirus Update

TISA continues to work on behalf of our members and the consumer and we are of course following government guidance and best practice during this time. Our staff are currently working from home and can be contacted as usual via our email addresses and mobile numbers. 

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TISA Membership

TISA is a unique, rapidly growing body with over 200 members from across the financial services industry.  

Join us in developing and delivering strategic policy outcomes and cross-industry infrastructure initiatives that shape the ongoing evolution of the financial services industry, creating a dynamic financial services marketplace that enables the financial wellbeing of UK citizens.


TISA is a trusted partner of key industry stakeholders (government, regulators, industry infrastructure providers) in helping shape the future of UK financial services and the environment in which we operate.


The outputs from our strategic policy work are used to engage with government and the regulator to influence the design of legislation and regulation that will benefit consumers through enhancing the products and services that member firms can provide for their customers. 


TISA members can participate in and help shape the industry-wide infrastructure initiatives that will transform the future of financial services, such as Digital ID and Open Savings & Investment.


TISA members have access to a wide range of support services and resources to help their businesses adopt new regulation, increase operational efficiency and develop products and services in the rapidly evolving, consumer centric marketplace.

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TISA Delivery Entities

Industry blockchain solution for the collection & dissemination of EMT regulatory data
New generation digital marketplace connecting Financial Institutions with FinTechs to facilitate the accelerated uptake of transformational digital solutions

We have a strong track record in successfully developing and promoting policy with government, policy makers, regulators and other major industry stakeholders. Our evidence-based approach means that our policy thinking, and development initiatives are actively sought and supported by all major industry stakeholders. See our publications to find out more.

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Expert and confidential technical guidance for TISA members on ISAs, regulatory matters and industry best practice.

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TISA Tools

Transfers Database

Use this link to access the secure transfers database hosted by TISA on behalf of the industry.

This information is for everyone, not just an exclusive for TISA members.

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Vulnerability Radar

TISA’s Vulnerability Radar is a unique facility to help your firm to assess its practice on customer vulnerability. It is easy to use, available to everyone – and it’s free!

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