Events and Training

Consumer Duty Briefing

Wednesday 28th September 2022, London

£399 per person (£249 for members)

TISA’s Consumer Duty briefing event, the third of a series of events on the topic, will delve into the Regulator’s Policy Statement, explore how firms are preparing for the requirements of the new rules and consider industry challenges and best practice.

TISA Financial Crime Conference 2022

Tuesday 4th October 2022, London

£480 per person (£330 for members)

At our Financial Crime Conference, we will explore how to achieve a collective effort to reduce and prevent financial crime and further consider measures to effectively combat money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and scams and how to tackle emerging threats.

TISA Operational Resilience Forum

Thursday 20th October 2022, London

£399 per person (£249 for members)

Our Operational Resilience Forum will consider key components of effective strategies, processes, and systems that develop firms’ capability to adapt to the evolving risk landscapes and help them to remain within their impact tolerance for each important business service in the event of a severe but plausible disruption (or extreme...

EMIR Trade Reporting Briefing

Tuesday 1st November 2022, London

£399 per person (£249 for members)

This EMIR Trade Reporting briefing event is aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding of the EMIR reporting requirements and their evolution. It will cover the existing requirements, including key fields and reporting scenarios before moving on to discussing the upcoming EMIR Refit changes. Going through the motivation for the changes,...

TISA Value for Money Briefing

Wednesday 9th November 2022, London

£399 per person (£249 for members)

The new requirements implemented by FCA and DWP are designed to ensure members are in pension schemes which offer good value for money. The holistic assessment and comparison exercise introduces additional requirements for governance boards and as we progress through this bedding in period, it is crucial that a firm’s...

TISA 8th Annual CASS Conference 2022

Monday 14th November 2022, London

£699 per person (£449 for members)

We are delighted to announce TISA’s 8th Annual CASS Conference which will bring together leading industry practitioners and financial services auditors to discuss the latest regulatory developments and key CASS compliance requirements. The conference will provide a platform to hear from and engage with experts regarding key issues concerning client...

TISA Annual Conference 2022

Increasing resilience through financial inclusion

Thursday 24th November 2022, London

£576 per person (£0 for members)

At our Flagship Annual Conference 2022 we will explore how financial resilience of UK households can be boosted and how inclusive digital financial services can facilitate this, consider the importance of financial education and how young adults engage with their financial resilience and what the industry should further consider in...

TISA ESG Investing Conference 2022

Wednesday 7th December 2022, London

£480 per person (£330 for members)

Join us at TISA’s ESG Conference which will bring together the regulator, leading industry practitioners and experts in order to discuss the latest regulatory developments, the impact of the financial sector on responsible and sustainable investing, to deliberate about ESG investing related risks, challenges and opportunities and the future outlook...