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Supporting TISA members with their ESG strategies
“Sustainability transparency is increasingly seen as a key differentiator in choice of provider as independent research shows that customers perceive how a company treats its employees, community, and environment as an indication of how they will be treated.”
Carol Knight


Blog: Better Together: Why collaboration is key for ESG success

Jeffrey Mushens
Director of Technical Policy, TISA

In today’s world, changes to environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting are happening faster than ever, with important knock-on effects for organisations, as well as how people live and invest their money.

With ESG principles being written into law across the globe, businesses and financial institutions must ensure they are playing their part in tackling significant, society-wide issues – whether it is working towards a lower-carbon economy or championing greater diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Find out some of the factors that organisations must be aware of to succeed.

Supporting TISA members with their ESG strategies

Joining forces to support TISA members

We’ve been listening to our members on how TISA could help more with their ESG initiatives and goals.

Our new relationship with The Disruption House (TDH) will help firms build their capability by increasing understanding of ESG, provide help where in-house resource is stretched, update on previous work on ESG, or just want a health-check to help with prioritisation and identify gaps that need to be filled.

This is an important area of TISA’s work to support our members in navigating the challenging ESG landscape. TISA’s collaboration with TDH reflects our commitment to supporting our members in their ESG initiatives and goals. Through this partnership, TISA can offer our members assistance in building ESG capabilities, supporting limited in-house resources, updating previous ESG work, conducting health checks to identify gaps, and prioritising actions.

How can we support your organisation?

Through our partnership with TDH we are able to offer TISA members a comprehensive range of ESG solutions, from Capability building to transformation to Sustainability Leader:
  1. Starter Quiz (FREE)– Managed Service to educate and raise awareness
  2. Scorecard, Benchmark and Certificate
  3. Carbon Footprint Calculator
  4. Insights and Analyst Reports
  5. Employee Surveys
  6. Sustainability Statements and Reports

Discover your current ESG profile with us. Enhance your performance, unlock new growth opportunities and showcase a strong pledge to create positive impacts. 

Why not start by taking the FREE TDH Starter Quiz today, to get an instant ESG awareness snapshot of your business.

🗞️ TISA becomes UK’s first membership organisation to publish its United Nations Sustainable Development Goals benchmark conducted in collaboration with The Disruption House

In collaboration with The Disruption House, TISA has completed a comprehensive assessment of its sustainability practices, including evaluating TISA's alignment with the UN's Global Core Indicators. The output from The Disruption House analysis will enable TISA to improve its sustainability decision-making processes and strengthen its accountability to all stakeholders. 

TISA Alignment to UN SDG Global Core Indicators

The Disruption House (TDH) materiality assessment maps clients’ Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) capabilities to the UN SDGS which are universally accepted as examples of sustainable good practice.

Key highlights from the assessment demonstrated that TISA is making significant progress towards 5 of the UN SDGs

TISA has also recognised the need to strategically improve alignment with Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) as a result of the benchmarking exercise.

Based on data submitted by TISA in August 2023, TDH finds that TISA is making significant progress towards 5 of the UN SDGs:

TISA ESG Investing forum 2023

As we are headed for more clarity and transparency in the ESG investing world through clearer rules, labelling and disclosures, it is expected that navigating this rapidly shifting landscape will be streamlined for firms and consumers alike.

TISA held their ESG Investing Forum on Thursday 28th September, kindly hosted by Eversheds Sutherland’s in London. The event brought together the regulator, government, industry practitioners and experts to share the latest ESG regulatory developments, challenges and opportunities.

We really enjoyed hearing from our speakers:

Mark Manning, Strategic Policy Adviser, Sustainable Finance, FCA

Kim Wilkinson, Head, Green Finance Unit, HM Treasury

Rupert Bull, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Disruption House

Philip Spyropoulos, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland

Shuen Chan, Head of Responsible Investment & Sustainability, Real Assets, LGIM

Ben Constable Maxwell, Head of Impact Investing, M&G Investments

Emilie Goodall, Head of Stewardship, Europe, Fidelity International

Dan Grandage, Head of Sustainable Investing, abrdn

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The Disruption House

The Disruption House (TDH) are sustainability specialists – and we’re here to help you grow in a productive, profitable and responsible way. Our mission is to blend innovative technology with inherently human intelligence to power all-round performance improvements that result in sustainable business success.

TDH offers pioneering, cost-effective analytics and support to private companies of any size, giving them a competitive edge against large resource-rich competitors.

Via strategic partnerships, TDH works with industry leaders and visionaries who share our goal of a dynamic and innovative ESG industry.

These partnerships strengthen our ability to drive purpose-led profitable change for the benefit of the people and this planet.

Founded in 2015, TDH is driven by an expert team of serial entrepreneurs, research analysts, technologists and business experts.

For more information about The Disruption House and how we are sparking sustainable success, please visit our website at or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.