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Childrens Financial Education Policy Council

Childrens Financial Education Policy Council

The purpose of the Childrens Financial Education Council is to consider, advise and lead industry initiatives that improve the provision of financial education for all children under the age of 18 years including support for their parents/family unit/carers.

Areas of focus

We have established 3 new working groups: 

  •  Digital presence how available technology can support financial education of children.
  • Gaps in financial education by age group - addressing gaps in education across all age groups with specific focus on under 7s and those who are transitioning into work, either school leavers or following further education.
  •  Geographical gaps - addressing current initiatives already in place and their geographical reach.

If you are a TISA member, and would like to get involved with the Childrens Financial Education Policy Council, please get in touch at engagement@tisa.uk.com