TISA - Tax Incentivised Savings Association - Project

Digital ID

Digital ID

TISA is leading an industry project to develop a Digital Identity for UK consumers that meets all relevant regulatory requirements (KYC and AML) and is positioned to consumers as the prime means for securely identifying themselves to UK financial services.

It will be a foundational component in the digitalisation of financial services in the UK for both traditional and FinTech businesses and will enable financial services to build innovative solutions for their consumers.

The project is in the Pilot Phase which includes:

  •  The development of two prototypes to test the consumers ability to register for a Digital Identity and to fully assess the technical and operational aspects of the identity.
  •  Standards have been developed and a Trust Framework is being designed.
  •  The technical approach is being planned and a business case is being developed that includes a plan for the roll-out of the Digital Identity across UK financial services.