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KickStart Money

KickStart Money

KickStart Money is a 3 year initiative to provide financial education to 18,000 primary school children. We are targeting this group as this is the age at which children are forming lifelong attitudes about a range of matters, including money. The programme also engages with the parents of the children to help re-enforce at home the lessons learnt in the classroom.

20 financial services firms are sponsoring the programme, plus TISA and The Giving Department who provide management support. The project also had the benefit of a grant from the Money Advice Service What Works initiative which was used to fund evaluation of the programme during its first year of operation.

The programme is delivered by MyBnk, an organisation that specialises in financial education and support for young people and who bring extensive experience of working with schools throughout the UK.

The programme is now in its second year of delivery and aims to have reach just under 7,000 children across 22 schools. The programme also benefited from a review after the first year to ensure that it was having the optimal impact on children and new electronic learning aids are being developed and launched in 2019.