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CTF Statistics (HMRC Statistics with TISA Charts)

Tisa - CTF Statistics (HMRC Statistics with TISA Charts and Commentary)
Child Trust Funds (CTFs) were operational from 6 April 2005, although eligibility applied to children born on or after 1 September 2002 provided Child Benefit was claimed in respect of the child (a 250 voucher was issued to the claimant enabling them to open a CTF with a provider of their choice). For children in the care of a local authority, HMRC allocated the child a CTF with one of a panel of providers. They also allocated CTFs in cases where the parent failed to use the voucher within 12 months (when it expired).

Having announced that no new accounts would be created for children born on or after 3 January 2011, the value of the final batch of vouchers was reduced to 50 and their validity to 60 days.

HMRC published statistics on the number of vouchers issued and the proportion of those vouchers used by parents to open accounts. TISA illustrates these figures with charts in the column HMRC Statistics. Up to May 2006, this data was published on a cumulative basis as shown in the bottom row. Current statistics, in the top row, show the data quarter by quarter (ending on 15th of the month).

Until 2014, TISA also collected statistics from a group of CTF providers showing the level of additional subscriptions made to CTFs on both a regular or ad-hoc basis. These figures are shown under TISA Statistics.
Period ending HMRC Statistics (Accounts opened) TISA Statistics (Subscription profiles)
15th June 2014 (Project ended)   Click to download
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15th March 2013 Click to download
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