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Stocks & Shares to cash ISA Transfer Guidelines
Model Transfer Authority Form


APS allowance application and transfer process guidelines

CTF to JISA transfer guidleines

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ISA repairs/voids
26 October - Edinburgh

Additional Permitted Subscriptions
21 September - Edinburgh
23 November - London

The essentials of client money
21 September - London (FULL)
26 October - London

ISA qualifying investments
28 September - London

ISA transfers
5 October - London
30 November - Edinburgh

Ensuring your audit committee is effective
5 October - London

Flexible ISAs
12 October - Edinburgh
19 October - London

Product Management & Governance
16 October - London

Complaints Handling
17 October - London

TCF Management & Culture
10 October - Edinburgh
25 October - London

Power of Attorney Key Facts
26 October - London
31 October - Edinburgh

TCF MI & Governance
7 November - London
14 November - Edinburgh

Lifetime ISAs
7 November - Edinburgh
7 December - London

ISA Key Facts
9 November - London

TISA Press Releases
'Enhancing consumer engagement essential to drive positive retirement outcomes'
'TISA launches MiFID II compliant framework for Target Market Reporting and endorses the European Working Groups European MiFID II Template'
'TISA responds to HMRC statistics on ISA subscriptions'

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ISA TRANSFERS DATABASES  Passwords, usernames and company codes changed 9/6/17, details circulated 6/6/17 at 1.10pm.

In line with HMRC ISA Bulletin 3 and TISA bulletin 541 ISA managers please email contact details to isatransfers@tisa.uk.com if you haven't already done so, along with a postal address for transfer requests to be sent to.

An email alert advising of changes made to the databases is available to subscribe to on request.  Please email above address if you would like your details/colleagues adding.

From 22/10/12 the databases also contain SUN details for those providers participating in the BACS electronic ISA transfers initiative.  An email alert advising of changes made to the databases in respect of this is also available to subscribe to on request.