TISA Resources – Digitalisation

Welcome to the TISA digital website hub. Here you’ll find information on TISA’s work on its digital transformation projects, resources and other documents that will be of interest to members and the industry.

TISA’s digital initiatives, strategic policy and industry infrastructure developments are crucial to enable the effective digitalisation of UK financial services to the benefit of consumers, our members and UK Plc.

Digital services and associated technologies are vital building blocks that will help UK consumers effectively manage their finances and improve their financial wellbeing. Consumers are increasingly engaging with digital services to manage their finances and make more informed decisions.

TISA is leading on a series of innovative projects that focus on the digitalisation of UK financial services for the benefit of consumers, the industry, the developing fintech sector and the broader UK economy. These projects are open to TISA members to participate and will drive cost savings and/or opportunities to build new exciting financial products.