Widening access to S&S ISAs is key to reducing the gender wealth gap and levelling up the UK. This conference will encourage you to re-think your approach to marketing, compliance and risk.  It’s time for industry, regulators and consumer groups to work together to overhaul communications and more closely align them with the aims of the Consumer Duty. Information should help people make effective, timely and properly informed decisions. This conference will look at what that means in practice and encourage you to rethink your communications.  

Work by TISA and Oxera found that over 70% of people with £5k in cash savings don’t even consider S&S ISAs.  Women and people who live outside London are less likely to invest. People think S&S ISAs are ‘risky’ products and significantly over-estimate the probability of loss when investing in equities. 25% find language off-putting and that rises to 34% for women. 

At this conference we’ll be launching new research: 


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