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Blog: A Day in the Life: Filming Conversations About Investing in Birmingham

November 28, 2023

Guest blog by Anna Brading, Mentora Money

Being a financial educator and TikToker comes with its unique set of challenges and exciting opportunities. One day in October, I had the incredible experience of collaborating with TISA and Schroders for a day of filming in Birmingham. The mission? To engage women in conversations about investing, bringing money discussions to the streets of central Birmingham. Here’s a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of this empowering day.

The day kicked off with an early breakfast meeting with Angus and Mark from Alpine Films, along with Faith Reynolds from TISA. Our goal was clear: run through our questions, fine-tune content ideas, and create a detailed timeline for the day ahead. It was not just about capturing footage but also about making sure our approach was authentic, relatable, and tailored to resonate with the women we would meet.

Once the camera was set up, and my microphone was securely in place, we ventured into the bustling heart of Birmingham to meet the rest of the team. The weather, surprisingly pleasant for October, worked in our favor as the streets were filled with people eager in less of a hurry than a usual drizzly October day. But as we prepared to approach women and delve into discussions about investing, we couldn’t help but wonder—would they be willing to share their thoughts on camera, especially when it came to the often-sensitive topic of money?

Within the first hour, any apprehensions we had were swiftly dispelled. The generosity of time and the depth of insights shared by the women we encountered were truly remarkable. People stopped, engaged, and willingly shared their thoughts on investing, demonstrating a genuine interest in breaking down barriers surrounding financial discussions.

Being part of a team brought a sense of camaraderie, and I was grateful for the support as the wider team initiated conversations. The day unfolded quickly, with periodic pit stops to refuel and grab some much-needed sustenance. Despite the potential challenges of discussing personal finance in a public space, the positive responses and the enthusiasm of those we spoke with fueled our conversations.

As the day progressed, we moved to different locations, capturing a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. The team’s mood remained high, buoyed by the seeing that the content we were collecting exceeded our expectations. The organic and candid conversations about money, investments, and financial empowerment were resonating with the women we encountered.

Once the filming was done for the say we set off on the train ride back to London. But The journey didn’t end there; post-filming involved rounds of editing and feedback. The collaborative effort among the team members, along with the support from TISA and Schroders, underscored how important this project felt to all of us.

Looking ahead, we are eagerly awaiting the release of the content we’ve created, hopeful that it will inspire more financial discussions and content geared towards women. This experience reinforced the power of open conversations about money and the potential to break down barriers, one engaging dialogue at a time.

TISA Inclusive ISA Investing Video Project

Anna Brading (Mentora Money) and Angus Henderson (Alpine Films) have kindly supporting TISA’s video project being undertaken by TISA, sponsored by Schroders. Together we have developed some unbranded marketing videos, targeting millennial and Gen-Y women who live outside of London. The aim of these videos is to demonstrate more inclusive marketing. It is part of a programme of work showing how a shift in language, marketing and communication techniques can help to increase consideration of S&S ISAs among groups often missing out on products available to them.

TISA Annual Conference 2023 delegates will be getting sneak preview of the work on 30th November during the TISA update session from 14.30 – 15.00pm.

Useful links

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Mentora Money: https://www.mentoramoney.com/
TISA Annual Conference: https://www.tisa.uk.com/annual-conference-tisa-2023/

Photo credit: Angus Henderson (Alpine FIlms)