TISA Membership

TISA is a unique, rapidly growing body with over 200 members from across the financial services industry. 

Join us in developing and delivering strategic policy outcomes and cross-industry infrastructure initiatives that shape the ongoing evolution of the financial services industry, creating a dynamic financial services marketplace that enables the financial wellbeing of UK citizens. †TISA members benefit from:


TISA is a trusted partner of key industry stakeholders (government, regulators, industry infrastructure providers) in helping shape the future of UK financial services and the environment in which we operate.

Our members benefit from a uniquely collaborative, pan-industry forum that undertakes research, develops solutions and provides collective feedback from the perspective of how industry can best deliver consumer outcomes, in order to make recommendations directly to government and the regulator.

Where appropriate, members are invited to join our meetings with HMT, HMRC, DWP & FCA.

Our governance structure ensures that TISA’s direction and activity are set by large, medium and small member firms and always have the best interests of the UK consumer at their heart.


TISA’s strategic policy work aims to raise the tide of financial wellbeing in the UK.  The development of policy draws from – and contributes to – strategy and insights within our member firms, as well as providing new research and thinking into key consumer trends. 

Our strategy work has resulted in projects that are designed to deliver tangible benefits for UK households including KickStart Money delivering financial education in primary schools; and our other work to grow savings in the UK.

The outputs from our strategic policy work are used to engage with government and the regulator to influence the design of legislation and regulation that will benefit consumers through enhancing the products and services that member firms can provide for their customers. 


We work with our members to identify and build upon the key trends, innovations and technology that will help improve financial wellbeing for all.

TISA has a strong track record in co-ordinating and delivering market utilities to increase operational efficiency, such as TeX and STAR for transfers and re-registration.

TISA members can participate in and help shape the industry-wide infrastructure initiatives that will transform the future of financial services, such as Digital ID; facilitating a secure way for consumers to sign onto services, engage with the their finances and enable new consumer propositions and Open Savings & Investment; creating a common set of open standard APIs and associated governance mechanisms to digitise and allow customers access to and sight of their combined savings and investments across products and providers.


TISA members have access to a wide range of support services and resources to help their businesses adopt new regulation, increase operational efficiency and develop products and services in the rapidly evolving, consumer centric marketplace.

ALL members have access to:

  • Participation in relevant, pan-industry Policy Councils, Technical Committees and Working Groups addressing the key themes – from CASS, MiFID II & SM&CR to Vulnerability & Sustainability
  • Meetings, updates and advice from the TISA Executive Committee and staff, as well as regular relationship management meetings with the team
  • TISA’s technical helpline, valued technical bulletins, guides and resources in the members only section of the website
  • The opportunity to meet policymakers and influencers at our member only events – and discounted rates for all other events and training

Our Engagement Team  – engagement@tisa.uk.com – will be happy to discuss how your organisation and employees can make the most of TISA membership and answer any further queries that you might have, including the annual membership fee.  

Alternatively, please fill in the enquiries form below, and a member of the team will contact you as soon as possible.

This is what a selection of our current members has to say about the valuable benefits TISA membership offers their organisations:

“TISA brings together a wealth of experience, collaborating across a wide spectrum of participants, including practitioners, auditors and banks, to meet existing challenges and prepare for the new. Its influence and reach are extensive in breadth and depth. This is reflective of the quality of the content it produces and its clarity of focus on delivering the best outcomes to clients, on the basis that this is good for the industry as well.  We are happy to work with an organisation with such a positive culture and to benefit from interactions with such a wide range of members.”

“TISA as an industry body is a forward looking organisation, relentlessly working towards improving our industry in every possible way, whether that is education, information sharing, creating solutions or lobbying the government and regulators. Their collaborative approach across all parties in the industry ensures that all different views are considered, which makes them probably the most inclusive and successful industry body.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend membership to anyone in Financial Services whether from a Technical perspective or for the Collaborative events that TISA arrange throughout the year .”

“TISA has built a very strong reputation for bringing together cross-industry groups and championing causes in the interests of consumers. Its membership represents particular strength in representing the FinTech sector, providing opportunities for innovation across the financial services industry.”

“I find them insightful, thought provoking and above all relevant to changes and best practices in the Industry. They are a unique organisation allowing members to actively contribute to change and influence the outcomes for the benefit of consumers. Our employees find their courses and technical consultation papers a vital resource for education and interpretation of many elements of the Financial Services world.”