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Blog: Navigating the Digital Age: How Digital ID will be Revolutionising your life.

April 27, 2023

As economic and personal activity has moved online, most of us are having to repeatedly prove we are who we are to use digital services. This should be easy, simple and straightforward, though we have to identify ourselves each time we set up a new account using multiple different ways. But there is a solution being developed that will allow us to have a reusable identity so we don’t need to undergo this complicated process each time: Digital ID. A digital ID is a unique online identifier. It can be used to prove your identity for a host of services and unite all of the disparate forms of proving our credentials online in one single, re-usable, secure form.

The uses of Digital ID

First and foremost, a digital ID can be used for online transactions. Whether you’re buying something online, paying bills, or transferring money, digital ID can help you do it quickly and securely. Instead of having to enter all your personal information each time you make a purchase, your digital ID can be used to automatically fill in the necessary fields, saving you time and hassle. Only the data that is required for the transaction will be shared.

A digital ID can also be used for accessing online services. For example, many government services, such as applying for a passport or filing taxes, require you to verify your identity. With a digital ID, you can do this quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.

Digital ID also streamlines the login process for online accounts. Rather than having to remember multiple usernames and passwords for different accounts, a digital ID can serve as a single sign-on for all your online services. This not only saves you time, but also reduces the risk of security breaches by eliminating the need for weak or easily guessable passwords.

In the workplace, a digital ID can be used for a variety of work-related purposes, such as accessing secure facilities or logging into work systems remotely. In some cases, a digital ID can even serve as a form of identification in the physical world, such as when you need to show proof of age or residency.

It has advantages for society too: digital ID can be a valuable tool for conducting background checks. With a digital ID, individuals can securely and conveniently provide their personal information and allow background check services to access relevant data, such as criminal records or employment history.

By using a digital ID, individuals can also control who has access to their information and what data is shared. They can choose to share only the information necessary for the background check and limit access to private or sensitive details.

Simply put, a digital ID can make your life easier in several ways. By providing a secure and convenient way to verify your identity online, it can save you time and hassle while also reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft. Digital ID reduces the need for paper documents and manual verification. This can save time and prevent errors, making the process more efficient and accurate.

Whether you’re conducting online transactions, accessing government services, or logging into your favourite apps and websites, a digital ID is a valuable tool that can simplify your digital life.

TISA’s work

TISA (The Investing and Saving Alliance) has identified the potential of Digital IDs and supports the Government’s plans to create a Digital Identity Unit. At TISA, we are developing a consumer-facing Digital ID programme for financial services. Designed to meet all the relevant regulatory requirements, it aims to provide the means for people to securely identify themselves to UK financial services providers with a single, interoperable reusable identity.

With the UK’s recognition of the huge potential of this technology, and the impetus given to remote credentials through the recent move to working from home, the UK will soon be leading the way in Europe with a truly 21st Century approach to documentation and identity.

If you’d like to learn more about how Digital ID can enhance your online experience, feel free to get in contact with Jon Richmond at jon.richmond@tisa.co.uk or visit our website: https://www.tisa.uk.com/tisa-groups-projects/digital-id/