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Blog: TISA Annual Retirement Conference: 🎤 Chair Interview

March 30, 2023

Renny Biggins, Head of Retirement, TISA

The Annual Retirement Conference has been an important meeting in the TISA calendar for over 5 years now – a focal point for the UK Pensions industry that addresses the key challenges in helping consumers plan for their future. We caught up with Conference Chair and Head of Retirement at TISA, Renny Biggins, to tell us what to expect at this year’s conference.

It’s the 5th year for TISA’s Retirement Conference now. What’s new and exciting about this year?

Well for starters, it’s our first in-person Annual Retirement conference since the Pandemic, and I therefore I am personally excited to be reuniting with many of my industry peers, and of course getting to Chair some rather exciting sessions! This will also be our first hybrid Annual Retirement conference, so it will be a nice to have those who can’t be with us in-person, participate with us virtually for this important industry event.

What’s happening in the UK Pensions market?

This year we have seen the pensions industry continuing to face a relentless stream of change including Pension Dashboards, the Consumer Duty and Value for Money. With a backdrop of the Cost-of-Living crisis, record inflation and low levels of financial resilience, we are now facing unprecedented challenges in helping consumers plan for their futures. Therefore, I would say It’s quite a changed landscape from 2022 and there’s a LOT to update on!

Will you be addressing some of these challenges/changes at TISA’s Retirement conference?

Yes, most certainly. Through our discussions with senior policy makers and industry experts, including representatives from the FCA, TPR and DWP, we will explore and delve a bit deeper into how firms can deliver effective consumer outcomes and meet current regulatory requirements.

And, what are some of the topics we will hear about during the conference?

We will certainly look to address the ongoing priorities of the regulators, with our opening Keynote session providing The view from TPR: The future retirement focus/roadmap, which will be followed up in the afternoon by The view from the FCA.

We’ve also got some lively panel discussions throughout the day, spotlighting topics such as Value for Money and Sustainability and support in Decumulation. And of course, not forgetting our topical presentation on The New Consumer Duty, and then giving delegates a roundup of key areas of DC regulatory change.

All together we’ll have more than 14 experts on stage. But one important thing to remember about the TISA Retirement Conference; we have a LOT of experts also in the audience. We expect our delegates to fully engage and join in the conversation with questions and comments throughout the day, as well as during the networking time.

Finally, what would you say to industry members looking to attend this year?

I can’t imagine a better way to get updated and ahead on the Pensions environment, which is changing so rapidly. There really is a lot to keep up with.

TISA’s Retirement Conference is also the best place to meet thought leaders, other industry members and peers to exchange ideas and share knowledge. We hope to see you there!

Don’t miss TISA’s Annual Retirement Conference on 27th April in London.

With thanks to to our conference partner, SS&C for their support, as well as our kind hosts, Pinsent Masons.

To find out more and register, please visit: https://www.tisa.uk.com/product/tisa-annual-retirement-conference-2023-2/