TISA Policy Manifesto
Recommendations to improve the financial wellbeing of UK households
May 2024
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TISA is committed to improving the financial wellbeing of UK consumers by working collectively with the financial services industry. We care about the entire financial life of consumers: from their first savings account opened to ensuring people can age and retire with dignity.

TISA supports the aims of and would like to work with all political parties that look to increase economic growth and prosperity. Our proposals seek to support this aim by improving financial literacy, reaching underserved members of society and incentivising innovation.

TISA has created this manifesto to highlight to policymakers the set of key policy proposals which are essential to improve the financial wellbeing of UK consumers. We are calling on the Government to work with TISA, the Financial Services industry and Consumer groups to increase consumers’ financial wellbeing.

This summary outlines our 10 recommendations to improve the financial wellbeing of UK households. The full version, detailing each of these ten points can be requested below.

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