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TISA produces a wide variety of publications for our members, the UK financial services industry alongside relevant professional services and consumers. This ranges from essential good and best practice on the interpretation and implementation of new regulation, technical guides and briefings, our responses to government and regulatory consultations and newsletters.

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Approach to Implementation for MiFID II Costs & Charges Disclosures Updated 30 September 2020

Getting Retirement Right- Plan, prepare, enjoy: Part 2 Follow up proposals

TISA Conduct Scenarios Concerning Senior Managers

MaPS Investment Pathways Consumer Comparison tool – Update Communication

Getting Retirement Right

SMCR Handover Procedures, Living Will

SM&CR Forum 1 Month to Implementation – Q&A Summary from the closing panel session

Retirement Roundup November 2019

SM&CR Conduct Training

SM&CR Ownership in BAU

MiFID II Product Governance – Distributor Reporting Useful Guide

MiFID II Feedback Template

MiFID II Costs & Charges Approach to Implementation


SM&CR Roundup – March 2019

SM&CR Outsource Considerations for Senior Managers

TISA Approach to development of BAU best practice in relation to ‘Reasonable Steps’

ISA Roundup (March 2019)

SM&CR Roundup – February 2019

Retirement Roundup February 2019

Brexit: No-Deal Preparation

SM&CR Roundup – January 2019

SM&CR Roundup – December 2018

SM&CR Implementation Considerations

ISA Guide

ISA Summary

GDPR Briefing Note (November 2018)

Retirement Roundup October 2018

Retirement Roundup September 2018

Child Trust Fund (CTF) FAQs

ISA Roundup August 2018

Retirement Roundup June 2018

Retirement Roundup May 2018

Retirement Roundup April 2018

ICO Seeks comments on draft Data Protection Impact Assessment Guidance (27 March 2018)

ISA Roundup March 2018

GDPR update (12 February 2018)

Retirement Roundup February 2018

GDPR update (22 December 2017)

GDPR update (21 December 2017)

Retirement Roundup December 2017

GDPR update (18 December 2017)

Personal data and the GDPR (11 December 2017)

GDPR update (7 December 2017)

Update from TISA on GDPR (5 December 2017)

Helping member firms with the General Data Protection Regulation implementation (November 2017)

Retirement Roundup October 2017

ISA Roundup October 2017

Retirement Roundup September 2017

Retirement Roundup July 2017

Retirement Roundup June 2017

Retirement Roundup April 2017

Retirement Roundup March 2017

Brexit – A platform to secure Global Growth (February 2017)

TISA’s Brexit Programme – Update November 2016

TISA Brexit Programme

CTF to JISA Transfer Industry Guidelines (March 2015)

The Savings & Investments Policy project – Review Summary April 2014